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MA Creative Writing – Open University

After many years of planning, and being turned off and on again a number of times, the OU are offering an MA in Creative Writing (F71). The first module commences in October 2016 and lasts until June 2017. Registration opened yesterday, and closes 15th September (subject to places still being available). Over the years there have been quite a few shows of encouragement to the OU to present this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it fills up quite quickly.

Regrettably it isn’t possible to see the syllabus for the entire course, because it comprises two modules spread over 2 or more years and only details of the first part (A802) are currently¬†released. However, the description of what will be studied in Part 1 looks very interesting indeed, and I believe the bulk of the second part will be to produce a ‘substantial piece of work to a professional standard’, probably the writing equivalent of a thesis.

This MA is going to be difficult for me to resist. As regular readers of this irregular blog will know, I was awarded a first class BA (Hons) at the end of 2014, with a Dip in Literature and Creative Writing on the way. Since then I’ve self-published four books in a range of genres (see them here), and have almost completed a fifth which is a collection of 144 freshly written limericks! An MA in Creative Writing would be a natural step forward.

However, there are a couple of negatives in this for me. First the cost. Although the first module is ‘only’ ¬£1920, it is also only 60 of the 180 credits needed for the MA. A simple calculation indicates that the second module (120 credits) is going to more expensive, probably in the region of double. That’s a huge investment for someone who is studying for enjoyment. The second negative is really one of self-belief. Am I up to postgraduate study? For instance, my short term memory isn’t great and I’m not sure I’ll be able to retain the amount of information likely to be thrown in my direction!

More information about the MA can be found here on the OU website, and I have created a Facebook support group for the MA which only has me in it so far, and that can be found here.

screenshot.1374If you’re interested in getting involved, do please join the group!

The bottom line is that I reserved a place on the Part 1 module just before Christmas and have until 24th March to register for real. That’s about six weeks from now. I probably shall go ahead, but it will be one day when I’m feeling more confident than I am today!

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