About Me

Knowing that nobody bothers to read ‘About Me’ pages, I have probably written more here than I should have done!

Born in Bedford a few years after WW2, just after the end of sweet rationing (how lucky was that?). My family moved to Rugby in 1953, and after a rather dubious pass at 11+ spent the first year of secondary education at a fabulous old school in Rugby with masters in cloaks, mortar boards, and sporting canes (still remember much of the Latin!).

Back to Bedford in 1962, and after the usual schoolboy jobs of paper boy and butcher’s boy my career spanned an electrical apprenticeship (enjoyed my formative teens in the Swinging Sixties), computer research engineering, space electronics design engineering and a decade or two in satellite engineering management from which I retired early at the age of 56.

Always had ink flowing in my blood, and am proud to say that I’m a ‘published writer’ with publications available to the book-buying public, pieces in magazines such as Hertfordshire Countryside and Pet Dogs, a technical paper in JBIS (am a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society), letters in newspapers and periodicals and an abundance of technical jottings in company journals.

To prevent my brain rusting after early retirement, I embarked upon an OU degree in 2009 and was awarded a BA(Hons) at the end of 2014.  Followed that with an MA in Creative Writing which I completed in 2018. So, after forty odd years in engineering,  I went arty and got a  couple of Arts degrees!

What else? I play stringed instruments, a bit of keyboard, and enjoy music from Beethoven to AC/DC, Dylan to Strauss, and Albert Collins to Macyn Taylor. Love a good thriller and a major fan of Michael Connelly’s Bosch books. Favourite dog is the Labrador, eight of whom we have shared our home with over the years. Partial to plain chocolate, angel cake, very hot curries and dumplings, although not on the same plate.

And as an antidote to the food, I walk a lot!

2 responses to “About Me

  1. Jim Mcilroy

    Greetings from another engineer who decided to embark on some Creative Writing having spent years writing all sorts of engineering stuff. I’m not quite retired yet but the word semi-retirement has a nice ring about it. Made it through A174 and had a lot of fun along the way, and now doing A215. If I make it through that A363 beckons. As you say it keeps rust away. I see you’re a satellite man. Did a little bit of that in 1979 at Marconi. Things have probably changed a bit since then.

  2. Hi Jim,
    I was with Astrium in Stevenage for thirty years working with satellite electronics, and saw many changes over that period. I decided to go at 57 because of major pension reforms on the horizon, and the last five years have whizzed past!
    Best of luck with A215. I enjoyed the variety of forms presented, having a go at poetry and life writing as well as fiction. A363 is turning out to be quite a challenge as there’s much less ‘teaching’ involved and more emphasis on finding your own way.
    Thanks for the Twitter follow!

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