Book review – The Testament of Jessie Lamb

Rarely am I motivated to write about a book, but this is the most enjoyable novel I’ve read in a long time.

Some of the best science fiction stories are those that you can imagine actually happening in real life, and author Jane Rogers follows a cautiously trodden path between the credible and the scary with The Testament of Jessie Lamb.

I found the book provocative, stimulating, and well-engineered.  It’s a fair bet that if you start reading it, you’ll go all the way to the end.

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3 responses to “Book review – The Testament of Jessie Lamb

  1. rockgran

    On your recommendion, I bought this book.
    I truly wanted to love it, and tried my best. I can really remember being 16 1/2; and wanted to be empathetic to Jessie. I just couldn’t however!
    After just one hour councelling session she decides to end her life. She doesn’t mind destroying her parents, and boyfriends life. She just wants to please herself. As her dad said, she could have grown up to study the difficulties, rather than dump a kid on her parents, who probably didn’t want it. Selfish bitch. I found the book totally unbelievable. The whole world infected? Must have taken years. And every man turning gay???

    What totally put the book off for me was page 161.
    ‘He began to kiss me again. And to move as slowly and gently as a little pink earthworm when you pick it up from the garden in the palm of the hand. And the sweetness came back,sore and sweet, sweet and sore, climbing and climbing….’.

    Oh yuk.That’s horrible.

  2. I felt let down at the end, too.
    You should have borrowed my copy.
    I’d kept it for you, but heard you’d already ordered it.
    Sorry you wasted your money!

    • rockgran

      Wasted my money? Oh no! I had to have my own copy, and not feel guilty about dropping gravy all over it. As I always do……X

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