OU Art of English E301 EMA and Spooky Stuff

Final assignment sent. That’s it.  Finished.

I was expecting to be celebrating at this point, but actually feel quite sad now it’s all over.  After an eclectic mix of modules, from science to book-keeping, from music technology to linguistics, from astronomy to mathematics, from creative writing to, well, more creative writing and then even more creative writing, it feels weird to have no assignment deadlines to meet !

Sometimes the modules have been hair-tearingly frustrating, intermittently mind-numbing, occasionally a trifle tedious, now and again downright difficult, but always personally challenging with barrel-loads of fun thrown in for good measure.   Such a shame it has to end.

Except.  It doesn’t.  Necessarily.  All end.  Well, it could.  I can lay claim to my degree, but unlinked my first Level 3 module last year because the result was a Pass 2.  To get a 1st, I need a second Level 3 module to come in with a Distinction and believe me, E301 – The Art of English is simply not going to oblige. So I might, just a teeny bit might, take another module.  But who would care except me if I got a 2.1 or a 1st?  What can an early-retired 64-year-old do with a BA(Hons), anyway ?

Watch this space!

In the meantime, we experienced a strange event last week.  We were walking the dogs at Fairlands Valley Park in Stevenage, as we do each day, when an evil-looking dog emerged from the woods.  Head low to the ground, deep rib-cage, hollowed belly, muscular hindquarters raised up high, straight out of a horror film.  Then a few feet behind, followed a middle-aged woman with long grey hair and wearing a red coat.  They walked slowly to the centre of the park, the dog laid down and the woman stood, quite still, watching us playing fetch with the Labradors.  After a while, we decided she might be waiting for us to move on before exercising her dog, so we did just that.  After a few yards, I turned around to see she was still watching us, and turned back the way we were headed.  Barely two seconds later, my wife did the same, but commented that the woman with the dog had gone. We looked carefully around the perimeter of the park, which is probably at least 75 yards in every direction from where the woman was standing, but neither she nor the dog was to be seen.  75 yards in two seconds?



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6 responses to “OU Art of English E301 EMA and Spooky Stuff

  1. Well done for completing your course.
    Very spooky tale!

    • Thank you Penny!
      We don’t get many ghosts in Stevenage, so there is probably a plausible explanation for the woman with her Hound of Horrors. But we have yet to work it out!

  2. Rockgran

    I think – being the sort of person you are,,,,that it would be a good idea to take another course. But it would be fun to choose something completely different. How about the paranormal?
    Ian pointed out that maybe the lady in Red fell in an ‘ole……..

    • Ah, you mean like the Dawn French thing with the muddy puddle…
      I’ll check out the OU modules for parapsychology, but my previous experience in that area only includes a couple of scary seances, one ghost, and reading the occasional Psychic News back in the sixties! I might have to, like, go for English Grammar, innit.

  3. Rockgran

    Thing is – did you think to look upwards when the lady in red disappeared?
    Maybe she was abducted by aliens?
    Or fell in a big ‘ole? Might there be a big ‘ole in the middle of the field?

  4. rockgran

    English grammar is admirable; albeit boring. Go on – go for something exciting! Ghoulies and ghosties and long leggity beasties…..X

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