A363 Materials Despatch – Soon!

Just checked my OU student home page, and see that the materials for Advanced Creative Writing are due to be sent out on 9th September.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them appear on the door step before then, though, as that has happened frequently on the other courses.  So, it’s time to start getting excited!

Except I bought the course book a few months back, and have been steadily reading ahead to get an idea of what the course will entail.  Part 1 looks like a ‘get up to speed’ exercise, building on the work carried out on A215 – Creative Writing.  Interesting and challenging, but not really new stuff to get my teeth into.

But hey, Part 2. Writing Drama.  Stage Plays – Wow.  Radio Drama – Double Wow.  Writing Films – OMG!  That is going to be diff  er  ent.!  Actually, I think since the course materials are imminent, it’s time to stop looking ahead and just wait for the real stuff to arrive.

In the meantime, I’ve posted a short poem under the Poetry and Prose tab.  It’s a sonnet about schooldays.  Hope you like it!

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